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There are more dead adventurers than there are living ones. Let them join the party with a new class: the Ghost!

Walk through walls! Scare the guards! Possess your enemies—or your friends!

The ghost is a brand new class that’s part spellcaster and part scout, all in a tight, modern, printer-friendly layout that’s fully compatible with B/X and modern clones (like Old School Essentials). 

In addition to the class itself, get 7 spells new to B/X: 

  • Deathsight: see how close your allies and enemies are to death.
  • Ghostlight: create a humanoid light that can move at your command.
  • Wail: scream like a banshee.
  • Speak with Dead: talk to all those corpses you run into.
  • Possession: borrow a body.
  • Crawling Doom: summon an insect swarm.
  • Ghostform: temporarily turn your companions into ghosts.

Death is just the beginning with the B/X Ghost class!

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