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When your B/X character gets drained of all their levels by a bloodsucking monster in a crumbling gothic castle, don’t just have them rise three days later as a mere pawn. Let them take their unlife into their own hands with a new class: the Vampire!

Turn into a bat! Summon wolves! Avoid the punishing rays of the sun! 

Inspired by the strengths and weaknesses of the classic creature as found in the Expert rulebook, this class serves as a worthy alternative to the Elf class for those who love weapons and weird powers in equal measure—and are willing to play the XP long-game! 

The Vampire class uses a tight, modern, printer-friendly layout, and it’s fully compatible with B/X and modern clones (like Old School Essentials).

Drink the blood of your enemies and live forever with the B/X Vampire class!

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