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When you lose an adventurer to a haunted corn maze, don’t just replace them with another run-of-the-mill fighter or cleric. Let them recruit a new class: the Scarecrow!

A little bit halfling, a little bit spellcaster, and a little bit monstrous, the scarecrow is a brand new class for B/X equally suited for pastoral picaresques and gothic horror. With their great hiding ability, talents with ranged weapons, and useful detecting skills, the scarecrow can serve as an excellent scout. But they also make for a great dungeoneering support class, given their ability to mend broken items, produce light at-will, and utilize spells like knock.

With the scarecrow, you get all this in a tight, modern, printer-friendly layout that’s fully compatible with B/X and modern clones (like Old School Essentials). 

Prove that you don’t just have stuffing for brains with the B/X Scarecrow class!

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