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The problem with being a low-level, rat-catching adventurer-for-hire, is that sometimes those giant rats are more than they seem. 

When your B/X fighter, cleric, magic-user, thief, or other human class gets a case of the rat lycanthropy, don't send them off to the giant cheesemonger in the sky. Let them become a new class: the Wererat!

Inspired by the lycanthrope classes from Night Howlers and the BECMI Mystic class (of all things!), but fully compatible with B/X and modern clones (like Old School Essentials), the wererat is a brand new class all its own. Speak to rats, turn into a monstrous rat-human hybrid, and use that bite attack—all at 1st level! No negative levels here!

And get even more class features as you level up:  summon rats, shake off mundane weapon attacks, use thief skills, and even... regenerate! All this and more in a tight, modern, printer-friendly layout. 

Embrace your curse and join the ranks of the lycanthropes with the B/X Wererat class!

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